The Callas With Lee Ranaldo – Trouble And Desire



Greek psyche rockers team up with Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo to create masterpiece.

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The group worked with Lee Ranaldo on the soundtrack of their new feature film ?The Great Eastern? and on their new full-length album, ?Trouble and Desire? which is due for release on October, 26th 2018 on Inner Ear and Dirty Water Records. Their last two albums, “Am I Vertical??and ?Half Kiss, Half Pain” were produced by Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Lydia Lunch, The Cramps).

?As multi-media artists and filmmakers, they approach music making from a very different perspective than the average musician and come up with some quite unexpected results,? says Sclavunos. ? The sonic palette of the new album is diverse and exploratory, with songs that range in style from dreamy subversive pop to brutal post-punk skronk to deconstructed rebetiko.?

Lee Ranaldo described his experience on collaborating with the Callas: ?It?s been a pleasure for me to know and collaborate with The Callas on their new album Trouble and Desire – we met a few years ago and I?ve been drawn into their artistic world in Athens. I?m a fan of their visual art tapestries and their art studio/venue and I?ve been having a great time making music with these like-minded travelers. Our collaboration took off quickly and was such a natural fit – we speak the same language and the performances we?ve done together have been a total blast! I love the community of artists that they have gathered around them, and I hope we will do more collaborations in the future?.

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