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Ottimo esempio di come si coniuga il metal estremo con il progressive

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SVNTH gives a completely new birth to some of the band’s old material and offers new tunes as well, creating a stunning combination of melodic intertwinings, abrasive distortions and atmospherically brooding overtures.
With its 30 minutes of lenght, the band’s new effort is a really solid and dynamic EP showing Seventh Genocide’s most metal side plunging into a tunnel of endless ambient, dark folk-oriented and post-rock-ish layers.
The songs have been re-arranged and composed (in the case of the new “Sleepless”) during the particulary inspired summer of 2016 and then recorded at Kick Recording Studio in Rome by Marco Mastrobuono (Hour of Penance, Buffallo Grillz) the following fall. The cover art is a work realized by photographer Veleda Thorsson, already known for most of the artworks and photo shoots of Agalloch, one of the main influences of the band.

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