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Primo e forse unico momento di un progetto che raccoglie membri di Malasangre, Viscera/// e Forgotten Tomb

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The FORMALIST unit was founded in 2014 when long-time associated individuals from the Italian heavyweights FORGOTTEN TOMB [vocals], MALASANGRE [bass & drums] and VISCERA/// [guitars] joined forces with the aim to open new gates to total sonic horrors. Excelling in the art of low-tuned sickness, the band members managed to forge together their many influences and proceeded to write and record the first full-length album during summer 2016, featuring 3 songs for a nightmarish 40 minutes length where extreme Doom, Black Metal, Sludge and Ambient/Drone combined with a completely hostile, nihilistic approach to vocals and lyrics. This is “No One Will Shine Anymore”.

Ferdinando Marchisio [Forgotten Tomb] – Vocals
Michele Basso [VIscera///] – Guitars
Nicola Casella [Malasangre] – Bass
Riccardo Rossi [Malasangre] – Drums & Electronics

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