La Distro


A support platform of music distribution for small labels, distributions and collectives, which aggregates in a single catalogue the productions in physical format: records, tapes, fanzines, merchandising.

It’s an online shop/website thatgathers a catalogue of record labels and music collections. The site aims to be a platform to convey, share and sell record projects of a quality level and/or with a certain message to new audiences, through visibility and loyalty.

The object of the catalogue will come to offer not only music, but also forms of art close to music, such as graphic arts, but also workshops that deepen promotion and showcases, for example.

The main objective is to make the audience discover good, genuine music and to make the them loyal in the way of the 90s, where they bought the album on the trust they had in the label itself regardless of the artist.
The idea was born during the lockdown in the Covid-19 era, given the difficulties of the music industry, first of all due to the suspension of concerts.

We invest time and personal resources to try to share as much as possible the spirit that moves things “from below. ”
We believe in the power of collectives, in the genuineness and power of music to create unity and we believe in digital instruments, which have changed the world of music on one hand, but have also made us more independent: the task before us is, governing is chaos.

Our ambition is not in big numbers, but to keep alive the interest of our audience, which is currently very fragmented by the digitization of content available online.

We know it will be a long job, to be done together, as a community that creates a dialogue between the labels and the audience.
We thought of a faster method, using templates for the insertion of new products, which we will expand in the future through lots and instant messaging.

Experience teaches us that the mailing list is no longer functional and that social sponsorships are too impersonal (although we will consider whether they are needed, along with record labels). Our focus is once again on the community: relationship and Exchange with the public, which leads to loyalty.

We think this is the way to make a contribution of small labels appreciated, pursuing this goal through online channels that create a direct Exchange between the public and the label.

The same internal communication between La Distro and the labels / collectives will take place through similar messaging channels (closedgroup).



Simone, founder and manager of the webzine In YourEyes (online since 1999) and previously collaborator of paperfanzines, Massimo who has collaborated with IYE for years, former author of Metaleyes with Simone founded In YourEars (netlabel) and Fabio, musician, designer, wrote about music (for Zero, In YourEyes, Sodapop, Bassa Fedeltà, Vice, Exibart, Rockit, Rumore), he has managed 2 record labels (“Non Ce N’è” and “Chew-Z”) and hasedited radio broadcasts for almost 15 years.


As a label/collective you can enter the catalogue of your productions (or a part of it at your discretion).

Every order of products received on the site will be forwarded entirely to the label/collective (La Distro will not collect anything!). To do this we will use Paypal (for money transfer) and instant digital communication with the order data.

The labels / collectives that join will pay an annual subscription (for the sole maintenance of the site itself) according to the following terms: