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Black metal 2.0 sperimentale

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Convey an imaginary ranging from silence to darkness touching the concept of non-existence.
A constant evolution made of inner research and experimental waves of sound.

If you are not really familiar with the band and its sound, NECANDI HOMINES formed in 2007. Started as a Black Metal project, soon the band added different influences to its sound, merging some doom patterns to its already decadent experimentalism.
It took the project ten long years before a debut could be pressed. In 2017 the band gave birth to “Da’at” one of the true gems the Italian underground has generated last year.
The album, pressed by the always active Vacula Productions has given the band international fame in the underground circuits, taking NECANDI HOMINES to be discovered worldwide.
“Da’at” is absolutely one of a kind. An album able to re-interpret the output of seminal acts such as Dolorian into a more personal and obscure way.
After some shows and more work, the band is back this year with a new EP, titled “Black Hole”, a natural consequence to what the first LP has created.
The band is not afraid to say “.. our is a constant evolution, made of inner searching for negativity and the void in humanity..”
Composed of three tracks, “Black Hole” is the act of self-observation which, through various phases, aims to an in-depth research of the inner self. A cathartic journey that starting from human conditions finds its apex in the coldness and silence of the greatest void.

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